About Time/Date formatting

This table will help you to build your own time/date label :

Symbol Meaning Kind Example
D day in year (Number) 189
E day of week (Text) E/EE/EEE:Tue, EEEE:Tuesday, EEEEE:T
F day of week in month (Number) 2 (2nd Wed in July)
G era designator (Text) AD
H hour in day (0-23) (Number) 0
K hour in am/pm (0-11) (Number) 0
L stand-alone month (Text) L:1 LL:01 LLL:Jan LLLL:January LLLLL:J
M month in year (Text) M:1 MM:01 MMM:Jan MMMM:January MMMMM:J
S fractional seconds (Number) 978
W week in month (Number) 2
Z time zone (RFC 822) (Time Zone) Z/ZZ/ZZZ:-0800 ZZZZ:GMT-08:00 ZZZZZ:-08:00
a am/pm marker (Text) PM
c stand-alone day of week (Text) c/cc/ccc:Tue, cccc:Tuesday, ccccc:T
d day in month (Number) 10
h hour in am/pm (1-12) (Number) 12
k hour in day (1-24) (Number) 24
m minute in hour (Number) 30
s second in minute (Number) 55
w week in year (Number) 27
y year (Number) yy:10 y/yyy/yyyy:2010
z time zone (Timezone) z/zz/zzz:PST zzzz:Pacific Standard Time
' escape for text (Delimiter) 'Date=':Date=
'' single quote (Literal) 'o''clock':o'clock


  1. I'm using Cool Tools 5.3.4 on a Samsung Galaxy S3 using Android 4.1.2. Fyi, the z & Z arguments don't work as stated in the table. z shows the offset from GMT, zz shows the time zone ( I'm assuming current location but an not in a position to test this theory.) Additional consecutive z entries didn't change anything but I only went up to 6 z's. Z in any number showed in the panel as Z in the same quantity. I put them in the post fix after the time. Several components didn't work as the table seemed to indicate they would but I finally got the display I wanted, with the exception of GMT not appearing with the offset. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.



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