December 31, 2013

Cool Tool FAQ

Lately I've been receiving lots of emails with similar issues. In this topic I will try to answer all possible questions.

August 6, 2013

Persistent Cool Tool notification in Jelly Bean 4.3

So. Please upgrade CoolTool to v5 and play with "Notification" and "Keep in Memory" options in the Advanced settings to choose most suitable behavior.

Few words about Tasker Intents

Upcoming CoolTool update brings some cool features. One of them - Tasker intents. Now you can automate start/stop CoolTool service. Just use these params:
for start service:
target=Broadcast Receiver

for stop service:
target=Broadcast Receiver

RegEx Tips

Starting from CoolTool v4.5 you can tweak custom label with java regular expressions (RegEx).
For example, default custom label aimed to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq that shows current cpu freq in kHz. To convert it to MHz we can use regex:
This regex converts "800000" to "800".

About Cool Tool themes

Good News! No more need to download themes separately. Theme editor included in Cool Tool now (v5.0+).
Old Cool Tool themes are obsoleted.

July 31, 2013

About Time/Date formatting

This table will help you to build your own time/date label :

Symbol Meaning Kind Example
D day in year (Number) 189
E day of week (Text) E/EE/EEE:Tue, EEEE:Tuesday, EEEEE:T
F day of week in month (Number) 2 (2nd Wed in July)
G era designator (Text) AD
H hour in day (0-23) (Number) 0
K hour in am/pm (0-11) (Number) 0
L stand-alone month (Text) L:1 LL:01 LLL:Jan LLLL:January LLLLL:J
M month in year (Text) M:1 MM:01 MMM:Jan MMMM:January MMMMM:J
S fractional seconds (Number) 978
W week in month (Number) 2
Z time zone (RFC 822) (Time Zone) Z/ZZ/ZZZ:-0800 ZZZZ:GMT-08:00 ZZZZZ:-08:00
a am/pm marker (Text) PM
c stand-alone day of week (Text) c/cc/ccc:Tue, cccc:Tuesday, ccccc:T
d day in month (Number) 10
h hour in am/pm (1-12) (Number) 12
k hour in day (1-24) (Number) 24
m minute in hour (Number) 30
s second in minute (Number) 55
w week in year (Number) 27
y year (Number) yy:10 y/yyy/yyyy:2010
z time zone (Timezone) z/zz/zzz:PST zzzz:Pacific Standard Time
' escape for text (Delimiter) 'Date=':Date=
'' single quote (Literal) 'o''clock':o'clock

March 2, 2012

Photosight Gallery

If you enjoy high-quality art photographs, then you obviously like my new application. Photosight Gallery is an easy way to browse photos from on your Android device. is a photographic community of talented photographers mostly from Europe. You can find there daily updated archive of creative artistic photos or share your own. If you like 500px, Flickr, Picasa, then Photosight Gallery is what you probably will like too.
Please note that it still beta and some features may not work properly or not work at all.

February 15, 2012

Introducing Cool Tool Themes!

Bored of what Cool Tool look like? Try new themes. Even more: you can modify themes yourself and send me result. The best themes will be added to Android Market. Here is template.
You must update Cool Tool to v3.2 or higher.
Few recommendations:
- Dimensions of bar.png, gauge.png, gauge2.png must be exactly 1x100 pixels.
- Recommended plates dimension (like cpu.png, ram.png) is 12x8 pixels
- Do not use transparent pixels
- You can modify theme_values.xml if you want to change dimensions and padding.

If you have any questions, email me.

Download new themes: Cool, Grey, Classic Mini
Also check out Android Market for new themes.

January 6, 2012

Cool Tool 3.0

Happy New Year! I have been updated Cool Tool.
There is new cool features. Check it out.
- NEW: Apps Black List
- NEW: Directional pad for fine adjustment of window position
- NEW: Simple Task Killer (Long Tap or Menu button in the settings)
- NEW: Reset App Settings button
- NEW: Customizable Long Tap action
- NEW: Semi-transparent mode (activating by Long Tap)
- NEW: GSM Signal Level
- NEW: Battery mA (very beta). Update rate: 2 times per minute (and graph also).
- NEW: Number of fixed GPS satellites (with SNR on the graph)
- NEW: Auto Network Bandwidth (disabled by default)
- Added manual
- Improved "heavy" process detecting
- The graph is no longer resets when settings changed
- UI changes. Try to slide right/left in the settings
- HD icon for xhdpi devices
- Fixed Autostart on ICS firmwares
- Fixed color banding artifacts
- Hungarian locale (thanks to Gidano)
- Many fixes, optimizations and performance improvements

As always, you can download it from market or by direct link