December 31, 2013

Cool Tool FAQ

Lately I've been receiving lots of emails with similar issues. In this topic I will try to answer all possible questions.

Q: CPU Load feature doesn't work (always stays at 0%)
A: On Android O and higher there might be SELinux strict mode turned on by default. Use this guide to disable it (at your peril only)

Q: On Android O Cool Tool panel is being hidden under the status bar
A: This is known bug:
regression: can no longer draw over system ui [36574245] - Issue Tracker
Q: Xposed Framework features do not work in Pro version.
A: mnt/asec folder is not mounted yet at time xposed framework starts loading modules. That's why your paid app doesn't work. Xposed simply can't load it, because path doesn't exist.

As temporary workaround please try one of following tips:

Q: Application doesn't work, crashes, failed to pop up floating panel, showing wrong values, located at wrong position, has wrong size, color etc. How to fix this?
A:  Go to App settings -> Advanced -> Reset settings to defaults (note: this will reset only current settings preset). Default settings are suitable for most devices and users.

Q: I'm unable to find the "show panel" to toggle the panel
A: My mail box full of similar emails, so i decided to create detailed manual. See below :D
For modern and classic UI

Q: The panel pops up for a second then goes away.
A: Disable "Hide in fullscreen apps" preference. The panel hides because your device doesn't have status bar.

Q: Why CPU temp feature not implemented? 
A: This feature implemented partially via custom labels. Try to play with predefined paths. If doesn't help, try to search any info about your device cpu temp file on XDA forum.

Q: Why I can't setup floating panel over status bar/navigation bar
A: Install Xposed Framework and you will get additional overlay modes (and don't forget to root your device)

Q: Notification of "Cool tool is running" has appeared in persistent notifications part of notification bar. I really hate this! What is this???
The only way to disable notification is disabling "Keep in Memory" preference. But i do not recommend it.

Q: Cannot move it to the Right, only up and down...
A: Make sure your panel width is less than screen width ;) (tip: open sliders tab and reduce "panel width" slider value)

Q: I hate floating windows. I want a widget!
A: Sorry, floating window is main concept of this app. No plans to implement widget at this moment.

Q: I hate floating windows. Is it possible to inject panel directly in the status bar?
A: Well, yes! Just install Xposed Framework and enable this feature in the xposed tab (root is required)

Q: Is it possible to implement FPS meter?
A: At this moment no :(

Q: Cellular signal meter doesn't work on my Galaxy Note
A: Its ok. Some Samsung devices has a firmware bug (or feature?) so just accept it as is.

Q: WTF is regex? How to use it?
A: Well if you don't mind my ugly English, please read this post.
Also these docs can be useful:

Q: How to monitor cpu frequency per cores?
A: If you really need this, use custom labels!

Q: I saw the video where you drag the panel with finger. How did you do it?! 
A: CoolTool Settings -> Advanced -> Overlay Type: Normal or NAVIGATION_BAR_PANEL

Q: I would like to buy the PRO version but it's not on the Play Store
A: Sorry, not my fault. This is due to Google regional restrictions. No way to upload payed apps from my country.

Q: Too many rights ... What location and record audio?
A: Ok. I hate it too. But all permissions are required for providing such rich functionality:
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Run on Startup feature
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW "Stay On Top" feature
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - WiFi Signal determine
VIBRATE - haptic feedback
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Backup settings to sdcard
READ_PHONE_STATE - some phone models required this permission for cell signal reading.

Q: How can I backup my settings?
A: It's done automatically. All your preset slots stored in cooltool_presets folder on sd-card. It is simple xml preference file. If something going wrong you can rename any of presets to "cpuoverlay.xml" and put it to /data/data/ds.cpuoverlay/shared_prefs folder.
There is also Backup to Cloud feature in the advanced tab.

Q: How do I see how much memory is left in my second sd card?
A: Enable "SD Card free space" label or gauge
Enable "External SD" in advanced settings
Enter path to external SD into "External SD path" field

Q: What would you recommend to convert temperatures?
My Galaxy Nexus shows my CPU temperature as 26400 when it should read 26.4ºC.
A: Use regex:
Or if you want to keep decimal precision, change regex and replacement pattern:

Q: What does current gauge shows? Most of time it is full in my phone
A: Battery current feature supported by limited android devices. Most of samsungs and htcs doesn't support it. You can try to enable "estimated current" preference in the advanced settings.

Q: How do you use the Task Killer?
A: As usual. Task Killer allows you to force close all background processes. 

Q: Is there a way to show the IP address of an interface with a custom label?
A: You can try "arp" path and regex:\? \((\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\).+
Note that arp tool may not be available on your device

Q: Does it battery drain?
A: Nope :)

Q: Why black/white lists doesn't work
A: Say 'thanks' to the google guys

Q: After marshmallow, ram is definitely wrong showing! 3 giga ram phone and
all other apps show available over 1.5 gb! and cooltool shows around 100mb?
? in lolipop was ok.
A: Try  Alternative memory usage mode (see Advanced tab)

Q: CoolTool displays wrong free RAM amount like X MB, when Android Settings show Y MB
A: Android Settings take average RAM usage per time period (3 hours by default), CoolTool shows immediate value. So both values are correct ;)
Also see

Q: Why TOP process feature doesn't work?
A: Starting from Nougat you need to root your device to get this feature to work
Need more answers? Ask your question in the comments!


  1. Samsung GSII, Last update messed up hight only width stayed the same, no way to change it. Even a settings restore did not fix. Text is one letter after another vertically? Ended up reinstalling the previous version
    Also started using all resourses, while killing battery and heating up the phone all when the phone was needed the most. I was not happy.

  2. tool is disabled on each upgrade.

  3. How do I see how much memory is left in my second sd card of my droid razr maxx?

    1. 1. Enable SD Card free space label or gauge
      2. Enable "External SD" in advanced settings
      3. Enter path to external SD into "External SD path" field

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The point is that you have to watch the spelling when entering the path since it is casesensitive! Cost me a little time... Tested with the pro version 5.4.3

  4. What would you recommend to convert temperatures?
    My Galaxy Nexus shows my CPU temperature as 26400 when it should read 26.4ºC.

  5. What deos current gauge shows?. Most of time it is full in my phone.

  6. Great tool, but please add these features :-)

    1. Reformat "n:0+0KB/s" as "UP 0 - DN 0 (kB/s)" ; make numbers different color
    2. Network traffic gauge [increase width x2] [replace "N" with up/down arrows]
    3. I/O activity gauge [increase width x2] [replace "I/O" with "R W" {read/write} ]
    4. allow user to change order of gauges in notification bar
    5. allow empty space between gauges

  7. Need separate plate for graph bar with independent position control
    (No graph behind label text please!)

    1. second this … option to prevent graph from interfering with legibility of other information would make graphs much more useful imo.

    2. +1. Text labels & data need separate background for legibility, please.

  8. How do I convert SD Card free space?

  9. How do you use the Task Killer?

  10. is there a way to show the IP address of an interface with a custom label?
    great app, I love it and I hope you can soon sell it in play store.

  11. Can i sew my swipe memory with this app....

  12. Is there a way to show VU meter for microphone signal?

  13. Bitte noch die Möglichkeit System Schriftarten auswählen zu können, die dann bei start des Gerätes automatisch startet. Die Geschwindigkeit wird in KByte/s angezeigt, schön wäre alternativ in Kbit/s. Klasse wäre auch den Ladestrom sehen zu können, interessant besonders für induktiv laden. Update hier in der Free Version, aber als Bezalversion (Amazon Apps) nicht??? Seit Update auf Kitkat 4.4.2 wird das Overlay nicht mehr im S-Cover Fenster angezeigt. Bitte wieder möglich machen. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  14. How can i get network traffic visualisation on my nexus 7 (2012)

  15. Please add support for up to four cores to cpu settings. For example, have option to show the cpu frequency and/or load of all four cores either by text or 4 bars, etc.

  16. Will this app get my phone pregnant?

  17. I absolutely love Cool Tool and use it as an Xposed module. I get CPU load in Main (Graph) and meter. I get CPU frequency, Usage, and /avaiable RAM in Labels.CPU Usage Gauge and RAM Gauge in gauges. I use as Xposed in notification bar. On bottom of Cool Tool Settings are two buttons. Hide/Show Panel and Close Settings. I always set to Show Panel so I can see it. After a reboot, update, or for no particular reason at all, it disappears from the notification area, I must go into Cool Tool Settings and tap Show Panel again. This is constant. There is no such thing as "Set it and Forget It". Can this module be made to show panel all the time or at least make this setting stick? Using CyanogenMod rom 11, build 2014/05/29 but build date does not matter, it happens constantly. Android Version 4.4.2. If this cannot be fixed, there is no point in having this tool and I must uninstall it.

    Can you help with this, PLEASE?

  18. this funny thing happened. i disabled cool tool within xopsed installer app and rebooted and cool tool started working with 0 problems. before it woukdnt even show up when the module was activated .

  19. System UI failed after installation. cannot use my phone later its samsung galaxy s i9000 cynogen mod. JB4.3

  20. Hi. my note 3 has relative humidity sensor so could you please add it to the labels list. I would really like to have it displayed next to the ambient temperature

    1. Did they add humidity sensor label gauge

  21. Please tell me how to commute available memory. It's different from settings available memory.

  22. I'm trying to set custom labels but all I get is !IO path is correct since it works if I run:

    cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp

  23. 64GB external sd card in 'SD Card free space' is expressed as -1.0GB

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Is there a way to show the name of the ssid that is connected to? Thank you

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hey dev. I've been using your app across all Android versions possible but somehow on Android 5.1.1 xposed module causes bootloop . Is there any way to get it working properly. I'm using it integrated in status bar but that doesn't seem to work...bootloop ....i'm currently using it as ics hack overlay...but that's not it....thanks

    1. There is no xposed official support for Android 5.1 yet.

    2. I know it's not official but we have super alpha and with help of logs we could get it working somehow. Right?

    3. in addition to above....I can be your guinea pig....if you want....;)

    4. just to link you...if you maybe missed's here...
      [SUPER ALPHA] [UNOFFICIAL] ...but posted with permission. Xposed for Android 5.1
      I hope this helps....

  28. deviant I fetched an xposed log while I bootlooped my device intentionally
    just to help you out

    I hope that it's somewhat useful :)

  29. Good day. With newer versions of Android heads-up comes into play. What is causing me to write is a question regarding the CoolTool UI remaining the top level element when a heads-up notification is tossed by the ROM. Is there a way in which to configure CoolTool to have a lower priority than heads-up notifications? I ask as CoolTool trends to mask the notification, and often causes me to have to stop what I am doing to open the notification shade to see what CoolTool masked. Here are a few illustrative Screenshots.

    Is there any settings exposed to where the user can control this behavior?

    1. You can try different overlay modes

    2. Will try. Thank you. Thank you for a great app!

  30. Anyone maybe manage to set up CPU temp for Samsung galaxsy s4? Or this is kernel based? Can't find any info at xda

  31. I struggled getting CPU temp on a Nexus 6 running Chroma. Got it with:


    Good luck!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Screeny:

  32. Right now I am only guessing:
    High values in iostat are not a problem, but shows activity.
    Red drawn values are showing iowaits due to queuing.
    How can I find out which processes are responsible for creation the io waits?

  33. I use COOLTOOL app. My device it has been updated to Android6.0
    So It doesn`t work Hide in Fullscreen App when I use fullscreen app.
    Always show panel now.
    It was working before when Android5.1
    Please tell me what to do it
    My device: Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen (XT1092)

    1. I have the same problem (LG-G3 Android 6). Also doesn't show a list of applications - black/white/disabled list.

    2. it is broken since 5.1 i guess. so no more way to do such functionality on android

  34. on my s3 mini i8190 android 4.1.2 when injecting into status bar, simply dissapears...a have xposed installed, device is rooted and cooltool module activated in there a way to successfully inject into status bar?on i8200 with 4.2.2 or ohers with kitkat, no problem!

  35. on my s3 mini i8190 android 4.1.2 when injecting into status bar, simply dissapears...a have xposed installed, device is rooted and cooltool module activated in there a way to successfully inject into status bar?on i8200 with 4.2.2 or ohers with kitkat, no problem!

  36. Hello!

    I'm trying to set up indication of battery current (mA). It works ok in general (my phone is Samsung S4 mini with CM12.1). The values are correct as I see from other diagnostic tools (e.g. com.ericjohnson.currentmonitor). It seems like my system has not problems with battery current metering.
    I have one strange issue. Displayed value of current is changing automatically every 30 sec without any options. If I set up refresh time to smaller value all other values are changing as they must. But battery current value is standing still for 30 sec. Though if I refresh display forcibly all seem to be ok — current value is changing in real time.
    Is it by design or not? What can I do?

    Kind regards!


  37. What exactly does the "Available Memory" label show? It seems to show much kess memory than actually available in my device. My device has 4GB RAM and most other apps show 2000+MB is available but Cool Tool shows around 200-300MB.

    1. I have the exact same problem. I have an Honor 5x and cool tools shows 40 mb free but setting show 300 - 400 MB Memory free.

  38. Is there a chance to get "maximum frequency" working with custom label?
    I tried using the predefined path /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq as suggested in this FAQ, but is not working. Indeed, i get "!IO" because when a cpu goes offline the relative scaling_cur_freq path doesn't exist and the "cool tool" fails to read it (and it not read anymore)

    1. I have the same problem. matter what I do happen !l0 on Nvidia Shield K1 Android 6.0.1

    2. problem solved !
      "sys/devices/virtual/hwmon/hwmon(X)/temp1_imput" (X) 1 - 5
      I have five of them here, but I do not know which is which: D

  39. Noob questions:

    1) Can you increase the size of displayed gauges? Okay on a tablet, but a little small on a smartphone.

    2) When a process is detected by the "Most resource-intensive process" it causes the gauges display to jump down when displaying the process name. Can this be corrected somewhere in settings? Similar text from labels does not do this.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. The "TOP process" issue affects the built-in Developer Options "Show CPU usage" feature, as well:
    It will be interesting to see how the Android team addresses that. I would love to see it handled via a permission that an app can declare/request.

  42. Can you increase the size of displayed gauges? Okay on a tablet, but a little small on a smartphone.

  43. Hi

    Can I know if this software is still under actively development? I am considering to buy Pro feature but it seemed that there is no new features being actively developed and there is no fix for issues introduced since Android 5.0


  44. Hi. my note 3 has relative humidity sensor ro label and guages so could you please add it to the labels list. I would really like to have it displayed next to the ambient temperature

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  46. I have a problem. Battery mA doesn't shows

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  48. Hello deviantstudio, having issue with !IO error reading temperature file.

    Nexus 6P running 7.1.2 Rooted
    Top process works (so root is granted), but when getting temperature via custom label and /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone10/temp file getting !IO error.

    Strangely but Kernel Auditor app works. I looked at source code of Kernel Auditor app ( and it seems to use same file on my device to display temperature. (confirmed via shell)

    Label is also simple:
    Path: /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone10/temp
    RegEx: (.*)
    Replacement Pattern: $1

    Is it possible that code can be improved to avoid this IO error?


  49. May I have more custom label please?

  50. Haven't figured out how to move the floating window to other corners of the screen. Tried dragging, didn't work -- it seems as if my taps went right through the floating windows into the actual widgets on the desktop. Didn't manage to find any option in the app's own settings, either.

  51. Перестала отображается информация о работе процессора.

  52. Trying to figure out how to monitor 4 g Lte signal strength so I can know the strongest areas. Not sure the file path. Could use a little help